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Welcome to the place preferred by Venezuelans (and not Venezuelans as well) to Enjoy Venezuelan Gastronomy.

At all times of the year we provide Catering service and especially at Christmas with the best Typical Dishes of our Country.

We are not an Exclusive site for Venezuelans, we are a site of Venezuelans for the whole world, since our ideal is to make known to all the Wonders of Gastronomy first of all but also the way of being, of treating, of serving, of want to own us Venezuelans.

We also organize Multicultural Walks all year round, and we enjoy the Geographical Beauty of our Beloved Catalonia and all of Spain in every season, always with our touch, highlighting Respect for the environment, fellow travelers and enjoying every walk from the minute zero 0


Hallacas All Year


Ham Bread All Year

Venezuelan and Mediterranean Catering

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