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Sun, 29 Mar



Montserrat Monastery 01March

"Join us to Visit The Monastery of Montserrat"

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Montserrat Monastery 01March
Montserrat Monastery 01March

Horario y ubicación

29 Mar 2020, 08:00 – 19:30 CEST

Montserrat, 08199 Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain


Acerca del evento

We will leave at 8 in the morning from Plaza España and at 8:20 from Fabra i Puig.

We will go directly to breakfast in a magnificent place the Guissona service area is a service station run by Bonarea, where we ourselves can prepare our breakfast in an open buffet where we can eat everything we want for only € 3 NOT INCLUDED in the cost of the ride.

The Monastery of Montserrat It is a Benedictine Abbey located on the mountain of Montserrat, belonging to the Bages region, province of Barcelona, ​​at a height of 720 meters above sea level.

Administratively it belongs to the Municipality of Monistrol de Montserrat, although some of its adjoining lands fall within the term of Collbató. It is a symbol for Catalonia and has become a pilgrimage point for believers and a must for tourists.


The Legend says that La Moreneta was found in the 9th century by some shepherds who came to her guided by a great light. They say that the bishop of Manresa ordered it to be transported to his city, but during this transport (and here comes the legend) the figure became heavier as it moved away from the cave (it seemed that it wanted to stay and, finally, he succeeded).

It is said that it was Saint Luke who sculpted the wooden carving of the Virgin of Montserrat, in the image of the mother of Jesus. Saint Peter would be in charge of bringing her to Rome, but during her transfer she was hidden in said cave to prevent Muslims from stealing it.

Among the different actions that take place in Montserrat, the escolanía stands out, which is one of the oldest children's choirs in Europe.

The Montserrat Sanctuary, together with the Torreciudad, El Pilar, Meritxell and Lourdes Sanctuaries make up the Marian Route, an itinerary guided by Marian spirituality and devotion, possessing a great Patrimonial, Gastronomic and Natural wealth.

The Montserrat Monastery was founded in the year 1025 in a place of magic so special that it is almost impossible for it not to capture your full attention. On the one hand we have the Plateresque-style building, full of interesting sculptures, a large square with impressive views and an exceptional basilical nave loaded with decorative and ornamental elements, a delight for lovers of Architecture.

In addition, its exceptional Library stands out, with more than 250,000 volumes.

On the other hand, the geomorphological characteristics of its seductive and rugged environment. Unbelievable and capricious natural sculptures are those that make up this landscape, caused thanks to erosion, tectonic movements and the multitude of sediments that were deposited over the years.

Did you know that this entire area was occupied by a river delta more than 50 million years ago?

In our previous visit we made in November to Las Minas de Cardona we learned that these Mountains are Full of Marine Fossils, Yes, Likewise Marine Fossils ...

The Montserrat Monastery has become a religious landmark that brings together thousands of pilgrims every year. And it is not surprising, since the black virgin, known as "La Moreneta", was found in a small cave, Montserrat has always been linked to spirituality.


Such a place could not be without its legends and mysteries. For example, it is said, that the shock and suffering that originated after the death of Jesus was such that this great mountain emerged from the subsoil as a sign of protest, or perhaps, of sadness.

Do you know what 'The Liars' are? They are two small sources of water that flow freely through the interior of the mountain. They are so called because even after many days of drought, water gushes out of their crevices, which leads to think that perhaps there is a large interior deposit.

It is also commented that the interior of this mountain is hollow, where telluric currents fluctuate causing a manifestation of ionized energy. This would produce almost magical effects outside. Perhaps it is responsible for allowing those meditative states and alterations of consciousness that are lived in the vicinity of the mountain?


In the highest part of Montserrat, known as the Cavall Bernat, it is said that a lumberjack had the very same evil. The devil lent him a strong horse (called Bernat, indeed) in order to help with the tasks of the field. In return, the only thing the devil asked him was to receive a horse with the same qualities as Bernat after ten years.

After that time, the devil returned to collect his debt. The woodcutter's wife realized the situation and quickly began to pray to the Virgin for help. It seems that their prayers were heard and a great light appeared causing the devil to flee, leaving behind a large stone pointing towards the sky.


The drums resound in different war stories that run through these lands. For example, the one that tells of a group of French soldiers who rested at the foot of the mountain preparing for battle. Then, some stones fell on them and some of them bounced off their drums, which caused the alert of the Catalan soldiers who took the opportunity to attack from the rear

Another version is the cunning of a young Catalan who was playing his drum all over the mountain; Due to the large number of cavities that exist in it (remember that it is believed to be hollow) it caused a deafening sound that reverberated with such violence and force that it made the French troops believe that a large number of Spanish soldiers were lurking ... causing his escape. Blessed drums! Although ... finally, Montserrat was razed in 1811 by Napoleonic troops.

UFOs? It is said that this area is very prone to sightings of lights, a phenomenon that has been resonating in Montserrat since the 70s, when some people said they had been abducted by aliens. In fact, every 11th of each month, meetings are held between lovers of ufology in Montserrat to try to make ... contact.


In the purest Indiana Jones style, in 1940 the III Reich of Adolf Hitler, commanded by Himmler, came to this place in search of the Holy Grail. Himmler asked the only German-speaking monk, Andreu Ripoll, to show him the way to Montserrat's impressive library. Himmler's goal was to find any kind of information about Perceval (King Arthur's knight), with the idea of ​​gaining the hidden powers capable of helping them win the war. After hours and hours, Himmler left the place, not knowing to this day what he could find.


After so much mystery, mysticism and religion, all we need is time, time to reflect and assimilate all this information intake.

The best way to do it is by taking a relaxing walk along some of the fascinating routes that surround this natural environment of the Montserrat Monastery, with a maximum height of 1,236 meters (where the Pla del Ocells viewpoint is located). Its incredible views are well known and famous are its clear days, from where you can even see the Pyrenees or Mallorca, a spectacular sight worthy of admiration.

Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to discover more curious things about this place.

Camí dels Degotalls: a total of 3.20 km ideal to enjoy with the whole family. Its easy access will make this route a relaxing walk accompanied by endless views.

Santa Cueva: another interesting route full of tradition. It is a walk of only 2.70 km from the Monastery of Montserrat to the Holy Cave, an easily accessible route full of interesting sculptures such as the Monumental Rosary of Montserrat dating from 1896 and 1916. This chapel is a perfect pairing between that capricious nature of unlikely forms and the most daring architecture that give this set an impressive surrealist landscape. According to legend, the image of the Virgin of Montserrat was found in 880, which led to the construction of this monastery.

Upper station of the Sant Joan funicular to the Monastery: if we want to climb slopes and walk a little more than 7 km. this route can be yours. The starting point is the funicular in Plaça del Monestir to get to Sant Joan, from here forget about everything and get ready to get to Sant Jeroni from where you can see truly unique views of Montserrat and Catalonia.

Be that as it may, now you no longer have excuses to take a trip to this interesting mountain and its monastery: it is up to you, and only you, to discover all these stories in person.





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