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Dennys and Maria, Surgical Nurses by Profession, have lived in Barcelona - Spain, for 12 years now. In the search for tranquility and stability for our children Roberto and Denysmar we fell in love with the Spectacular Barcelona where practically from our arrival we dared, thanks to the push of my Brother Daniel to market the Exquisite Hallacas and the Spectacular Ham Bread that we made only in the Intimacy and Family tradition for practically 20 years of consolidated Family union. In view of the gigantic reception of our Christmas meal we have not stopped since then to delight all Venezuelans in Barcelona and all of Spain every year since mid-September, when our Christmas season begins.

These last few months we have dedicated ourselves to expanding our gastronomic offers, dedicating ourselves to pleasing Venezuelans and those who are not, with products and foods that Venezuelans miss such as:

Arepas, Empanadas, Cachapas, Venezuelan Grills, Pastichos, Tequeños, etc etc.

After trying the different Venezuelan Cheeses made in Spain we have finally found those that in our opinion are the best and best achieved in terms of Flavor, Acidity, Freshness, Texture and Color; And we decided to satisfy the void of Venezuelan Cheeses from all over Spain, achieving overwhelming success, not only in Barcelona but in all of Spain, also in Portugal where we ship weekly, France, Italy, Switzerland, and we practically receive orders throughout Europe ..... ...

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